Friday, September 25, 2009

Grade 4, Lesson 5, Day 5 ~ Another Week Completed

5 weeks completed, 31 weeks to go.

We finished out this week in a smooth, positive manner ~ it's hard to believe that Tuesday was such a terrible day. As we find our place homeschooling this year I am reminded of tuning a guitar. If you accidentally tune a string sharp you need to take the string flat and then move back into tune. If I overshoot with work that is too difficult or too structured (sharp) we need to have an easy day (slightly flat) before attempting to move back where we should be (in tune).

Friday's boxes: journalling; correcting math errors from Wednesday and Thursday; writing a sentence about their local animal using 3 types of adverbs as well as color coding nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs; drawing a picture of where their animal lives (habitat) using full Waldorf-style as well as surface law and perspective; wooden sword practice; guitar practice. Once they finished the boxes they did a Mavis Beacon typing lesson and then were free to use approved computer programs such as Garage Band, Lego Digital Designer, Google Mars, and Timez Attack.

I need to pick up a few black felt tip markers for use with Draw Write Now ~ I can see the Waldorf purists shuddering now! No offense intended ~ I used to be one!

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