Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Relaxed Week

This time I really did forget! I started this post and then left it in the drafts folder, forgetting to come back and post it after adding a few more details about our day.)

Having lost the first two days of this week due to illness and helping out a friend, and knowing that Friday is the big Thanksgiving potluck with our homeschool group I decided to get creative for the next couple of days. In some cases, literally.

This morning the boys watched a public television drawing lesson and then spent some time doing drawing of their own. I loved how they each applied some of the lesson to what they drew even if it was very different.

We had lunch and then PE; it's  kickball this session, a new sport for my boys. They loved it!

I don't exactly recall our late afternoon. There was a lot of piano playing and some game playing.

After dinner we took the dogs on a long walk; it's been awhile since we've done that and it was really nice.

So there you go; it was rather calm and boring which is very much how I like things.

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