Monday, November 7, 2011

Blogging Gratitude

On November first I carefully typed a long post for this blog ... on my iPad. What I didn't know was that I can't publish from my iPad; I lost the whole post! I tried again the next day for my homeschooling blog (copying the post to an email ahead of time just in case) and it failed in publishing that time too. Luckily my laptop is up and running again!

That post was on gratitude; I had intended to start a short series for the month of November, each day offering something different that I am thankful for. The post failure derailed me by here I am, finally getting my gratitude out there for the world to see.

This week I am very thankful for: community, a clean house, friends, rainy days, sweet dogs, teamwork, and local basketball.

Our homeschool community is fantastic! This year (as always) we got together for Halloween and had a great time. I especially loved the way the evening ended with singing and guitar playing; at one point we had five people playing guitar and every adult (and one child) singing .

In preparing for the Halloween party we did our fall cleaning and it feels fantastic! The windows are clean, the floors are clean, the cabinets are clean, the furniture is clean, the walls are clean ... everything is clean! With all of the home renovation/remodeling going on things had gotten a bit out of hand but now upkeep is once again a breeze.

Friday bought us a rainy day, but because the house was sparkling clean I offered to host our homeschool group here at the house. I enjoyed a lovely afternoon listening to the rain and chatting with friends.

Puppy Girl had been incredibly sweet lately! She loves to rub against me and give me little kisses. She and Big Dog are great dogs. Big Dog can be affectionate at times and I adore him, but I am so glad that Puppy Girl is becoming affectionate; it's something I have missed since we lost our Girl Dog.

Saturday morning we buckled down as a team and cleaned the house in a little over two hours. It is amazing how much the boys can do now; I do less housework now than I did before they were born. (Of course, there are all those years after they were born that I did more ...)

Sunday we went and saw our Coyotes (Division II) play basketball against 17th ranked UCLA, and we held our own. We lost, but it wasn't a blow out and they really had to work to beat us. It was a fun family afternoon and I am so glad that the basketball season has begun (especially since the NBA hasn't been able to get their season started).

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