Thursday, November 3, 2011


I had planned for us to be take a break the week of Thanksgiving, but I certainly hadn't planned on losing nearly a week of lessons to Halloween and illness. This morning I still had one child in bed (awake, but not ready to get up) and both of them were still sniffling and coughing and generally not feeling well. This illness leaves them feeling heavy and lethargic and very much in their bodies; it isn't the time for head work.

The thing is, we were excited about this block, or at least J-Baby and I were excited and T-Guy was at least looking forward to the change of subject material. Trying to kick it off when the boys aren't feeling well will only lead to losing the block in the very beginning. I'm hoping we can start it tomorrow and I am planning to use the first two days of Thanksgiving week so that we have enough time for the block.

In the classroom lessons go on whether or not the student attends; the student must make it up at some point. But in the homeschool we must stop when the students aren't capable of being present; not that learning ceases to happen (for instance, today we had lessons in making herbal tea, the healing properties of various herbs, the benefits of local honey, how to cook scrambled eggs, why we have rain gutters, and few more), but the main lesson and heavy academic work has to wait. Thus we have to find a way to be flexible otherwise we'll never finish out the homeschool year having completed the lessons we intended.

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