Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mineralogy Day 3

Today our study of rocks took us to the practical applications of quartz and silica. We talked about semi-conductors and integrated circuit chips; as is pretty common the boys were several steps ahead of me. There really is no reason to doubt natural learning in the slightest. Still, they happily helped me compile of list of some things that have integrated circuit chips in them and then copied it into their MLBs and drew a picture (one chose a television, the other chose an iPad).

We also did a Fast Fact sheet, Daily Grammar (comparative conjunctions), and another Life of Fred lesson. Our afternoon lesson for Tuesdays is Literature and the boys started a new book today: Inheritance by Christopher Paolini. They have been looking forward to the publication of this book for years. To avoid squabbling we bought it in hardcover (for T-Guy's collection) and on Kindle so that everyone can read it at once.

J-Baby was inspired by our lesson and pulled out his Snap Circuits to build a solar powered LED light.

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