Sunday, November 6, 2011

Family Fun ... on the Cheap

(Oops, I left this in my drafts instead of queuing it up for the weekend. I didn't really mean to miss a post for NaBloPoMo.)

This afternoon we went to see our beloved CSUSB Coyotes play basketball against UCLA.  We're Division II, they are Division I (and ranked 17th nationally). We lost, but it didn't matter; we gave them a game to remember. It wasn't a blow out, we held the lead several times, and they had to actually play against us.

Watching CSUSB basketball is one of the things we do as family each year; we are able to do so because we've chosen to live a slower life, keeping our weeknights open during basketball season. I love the ease of it; we eat dinner at home, drive to the arena, grab our seats on the bleachers, and watch. I always knit. Each year we get to know the new players and we say goodbye to the graduating seniors. There are giveaways, awards nights for local schools, staff appreciation nights, and more.

It's frugal too; as members of the alumni association Papa and I each receive one free admission for ourselves and one for a guest, so all we pay for is parking (some nights it is free). (The big UCLA game was an exception; we paid good money to see them play at a regional arena.) We take our own water bottles and snacks, too.

Come summer our boys go to basketball camp at CSUSB, learning skills from the same players they've watched play all season, deepening the connection they have with this team,

Let's go 'Yotes!

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