Monday, July 21, 2014

Frugal Date Weekend

Husband and I were alone this weekend; we put the boys on a train to visit their grandparents (weekend day passes are $10). Unfortunately, we were both feeling under the weather. We did do our morning walk, and stopped at the local market for beverages and baked goods. Breakfast is definitely the cheapest meal to eat out, and we keep it under $10.

For our main meal we cooked bolani from the freezer; this isn't the cheapest meal we can make, but it was under $7 for the two of us and required minimal prep and clean up. At dinner I wasn't that hungry and decided to have a bowl of cereal; Husband had a frozen noodle meal that we had picked up months ago for my oldest teen when he needed a few quick meals for after his late Tuesday rides. It wasn't very good and we wouldn't buy it again (we bought two bags and my teen gave up on them after the first one), but at least we didn't toss it.

Sunday morning Husband rode his bike to the local market for baked goods again; this has inspired me to do more baking/freezing so we can heat things instead of buying them. My home baked items are made with freshly ground whole grains and sucanat instead of white sugar so not only are the cheaper, they are healthier too. Never mind the fact that they taste so much better! I think a lot of places don't care about the quality of their vegan baked goods since people are just happy to have a vegan option.

(I need to work more on making the baked goods that husband likes, such as blueberry muffins and scones with nuts and berries in them. None of the rest of us really like things like that, so I tend not to make them, but then Husband wants to treat himself. Now that I have the freezer space I can bake specifically for him.)

We needed to drive to get the boys and to visit our nephew who was visiting from out of the country, so we decided to make the most of the day. Husband suggested that we go to IKEA, which is near to where we were going but not near to us. We needed shelves for the boys' Trofast units; now that they have outgrown most of the toys that are in bins we want to convert the Trofast units to bookshelves. Husband looked at the shelves that we have and decided that the IKEA price was very good compared to us needing to buy lumber, varnish, sandpaper, and hardware, plus our weekends are so busy this summer that we really didn't have the time to take on a project. I also bought another Raskog cart as mine had been moved to the little bathroom and my craft supplies are strewn all over the dining room table. This is a sturdy cart that will last a lifetime and I didn't feel badly buying another one at all (plus I had been unable to find one used).  Keeping my paper crafting supplies mobile means I can make cards wherever the family is hanging out.

We had our big date of the weekend at a lovely vegan restaurant; we had brunch and it was delicious. Then it was off to spend the rest of the day with family.  My SMIL cooked a vegan meal for us; I really appreciate when she cooks rather than suggesting a restaurant.

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