Friday, June 9, 2006

Daily Flow 6/8/06

I awoke early, spent some time on the computer, then went back in to snuggle with T-Guy (and went back to sleep for 35 minutes!). Then I heard Jake, so I called him in and we sang and snuggled. Papa came home from his bike ride, took a quick shower, and joined us for more snuggling. It was a snuggle-happy morning! We used to have those all of the time, but trying to keep to a good rhythm cut them back a bit.

Breakfast, clean up, dress...that's about all we can accomplish on Thurday mornings, especially when we sleep in. I also managed to wash and hang a load of laundry, and to pack some snacks for park day. We were about 10 minutes late, which wasn't bad.

Our group was small. This happens in the summer months and I now see it as a time to get to know group members a little better. My goal is for this to be a close group and not one full of cliques. I don't think people mean to create cliques; you just connect better with some moms or certain kids connect and you spend more time talking to each other. When the group is small I can focus on developing relationships that I don't always have time for when there are 15 families at the park.

We got overrun, however, by a huge group of preschoolers having an end-of-school year party. It became impossible for us to keep tabs on our own children, so we decided to end park day early. The boys and I went to the health food store, and then I picked up Thai food for myself before bringing them home and making them lunch.

Ahhh....quiet time. It is an oasis in the middle of my day. It also works really well for the boys and helps them prepare for our afternoon work.

On Thursdays I've decided to have our main lesson during our normal practice time. I'm still trying to figure out the 3 day week vs. the 5 day week, but to get through this block we need a 5 day week. Thursday mornings are so full that the afternoon is the only time we can get the lesson in. That means that we are too contracted to do our watercolor painting, so I will need to find a new day for that.

The boys went out to play, and I spent some time on the computer, but at the same time I was really thinking about the computer. I have been for a couple of weeks. I have a stack of books that I want to read, yet I fritter away my time on message boards. So I made a couple of decisions. 1) I will not be on the computer in the evenings anymore (other than a quick email check after dinner). I think I need to be away from the screen to give my mind a chance to rest, and I want to read. I've been pulling away from the computer in the evenings slowly for a few weeks, and I am enjoying the quiet time after the boys go to bed, long baths, and listening to Papa play his guitar and sing. I've even done a bit of practicing on my ukulele. 2) Other than some planning time and financial work in the early mornings I will save the bulk of my computer time for after practice time, or when the boys are playing outside. This is probably when I will journal and catch up on other people's blogs.

So, having decided that, I turned the computer off and spent half an hour with a book before making dinner. We cleaned up, fought some ants (just with peppermint oil, but I fear we need something stronger), helped a friend by loaning out some tools, and then walked to the farmer's market.

We got to the market later than usual, and that along with the warmer weather led to big crowds. I think we'll make a point to go earlier next week! We did buy cherries, apricots, and peaches, plus maui onions, zucchini, eggs, and oranges. All unsprayed, although no one at the market can afford to be certified organic.

Home for the bedtime routine, then I watched the Colbert Report with Papa while I waited for the eggs I had boiled to cool. Then I took a bath, did some yoga, and went to sleep. I was tired and relaxed and fell asleep easily, unlike Wednesday night.

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