Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Roots & Shoots

I joined Roots & Shoots and set up our group this morning. I did it all on faith; I really only know of one other person who showed definite interest, but I think others in our group will want to participate. I used my home (private) school name as the name of the organization, and named the group Live Oak Roots & Shoots. I didn't want to use my city name as our homeschool group members come from all over, and I really didn't want to use Inland Empire, which is the designation for our area but sounds so ugly and capitalistic. I wanted a nature-based name, so I used the name of the trees that dot our lower hills and mountains.

I wish I had realized that it takes awhile to get materials; I would have ordered sooner. I just hope it is closer to 6 weeks and not 8.

I am planning our first gathering for 9/21, which is the International Day of Peace. We're leaving for our fall vacation on the equinox, so that day is out.

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  1. We love R&S! Our group has really become the core of our support for our lifestyle and almost all of our local friends are a part of it. We had our first meeting at our Peace Picnic last year, it was such a great day! I will have to email you some ideas for things we have done and enjoyed a lot. Especially for kids ranging between 3-11. Congrats on joining, Dr. Goodall is VERY supportive of us all. It is great. I made a music CD for our kids this year (for a gift at our end of year party) I will have to send you one. Lots of great songs that support the goals of R&S.