Thursday, June 1, 2006

Wiped Out

As usual, I took on more than I probably should have today.

After my guests left this afternoon I had to make a packing list, start the laundry (which I continued to do including hanging one load out to dry and folding and putting away a total of three loads), bake a double batch of GF banana muffins and a pan of GF brownies for our trip, research restaurants along our route (forget finding something vegetarian and gluten free along the stretch of I-5 from the Grapevine past Sacramento), make and clean up dinner, boil eggs, pack the boys' clothes, and get them to bed. I'm exhausted just writing it down! And I still have to pack a toiletry bag, a medicine bag, my clothes, toys/books, journals/crayons, and the food (tomorrow).

We didn't do a lesson today. I really want to get tomorrow's lesson in. The boys will need the focus in the morning anyway, otherwise they will get too excited and expanded. I miss the lessons as well; the focused time spent with them is so good for all of us. I love how we come together to learn.

I wanted to plan movement this week, and it didn't happen. I know that I don't need to incorporate everything at once, but this was the next thing on my list. I can at least put the morning walk back into the rhythm, maybe starting Tuesday as I am sure we'll be wiped out Monday after the trip. We're so busy, but maybe Papa can put the Enki song CDs on my iPod tonight and I can try to listen to some of them this weekend.

It was hot today! Not running the A/C has left me hot and sticky, and I'm not sure how much money or energy we save by not running the A/C if I end up taking a shower twice a day.

I'm really exhausted and scattered. I'll probably write tomorrow morning if I have time, just to help me get centered before the trip.

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  1. Well it sounds like a great day. My kids love to listen to the movement cd's too. ME really gets into it and wants to hear particular ones time and time again.

    Have a terrific trip!!!