Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Laying Out the Day....

(I do find it very helpful when I do this. Today I'm not sure what order things will happen in, but these are the things I'd like us to do.)

Computer off most of the day (maybe one midday check during quiet time) Well, I had it off more than I had it on, but I did spend 2 hours doing the monthly finances.
Take a long bath This was nice.
Read (me reading my books and magazines) Had a great long chat with Papa instead.
Read out loud to boys Done.
Make my bed, change linens Done.
Laundry (late tonight so I can use dryer for towels and sheets) Done (but laundry is never finished).
Research toaster ovens I haven't found anything big enough for 12 capacity muffin tin, so now I am seriously considering a sun oven.
Decide where to put "outdoor" kitchen Still either the carport area or back deck
Tidy and organize school room Done
Recall, draw, write Contest for a Crown
Number Charts
Word Families We had an "unschooling" day, as we were all consumed by various projects.
Spend 15 minutes cleaning/tidying in each major room Spent over an hour in my room and closet. Tidied the kitchen and nook.
Dinner: sauted Swiss chard, quinoa, raw carrots and watermelon!

My big mental task will be thinking about our rhythm and the flow of the day. I want to make it very organic and attuned to the way we live and feel during the hot months. I'm also working on finding the priorities for our family, not a set of guidelines from any book.

This week, hopefully tonight(!), I want to get the Enki music onto my iPod. Didn't happen, because I forgot.


  1. What a great idea to lay out your day? I think on the top my list would also be to limit computer time. It is such a time sucker for me and the kids always act up.

  2. Kari (of Blissful Bee) got me started on this, I think. Yesterday I wrote it in my blog, but didn't make a paper list and that was my downfall.

    One thing I try to do, especially on school days, is leave the computer off from when the boys wake to quiet time or later in the afternoon. That gives them a really grounded morning and they can handle my computer use better later in the day.