Monday, June 12, 2006

Isn't the Internet Crazy?

In the last 20 minutes I've been posting on Kari's blog, while she was posting on mine. If this world was smaller and kinder we could have been sitting together drinking a cup of tea.

Anyway, if you haven't checked out her blog, you should! She's reviewing Enki materials and also writes about their really cool life, Enki-style.


  1. LOL! Its great sharing a cup of coffee with you and getting to get caught up on what you have been doing over the long weekend. I noticed that after I was reading your blog and then checked my emails. Too Funny! I am going to read the one about integration of Enki this morning. Im so jealous of how much you are in the trenches with the materials etc... Its great to have the inspiration!!!
    By the way I got an email about them finishing out my Grade one Package!!! Im SOOOOOOO excited to get that darn Instruction Manual, and the Math! Did you notice it is a two book + CD for math alone! That is a bargain at 70.00!! Less than a Saxon or something. Granted those of us with the FairyTales wonte get the Math Stories because they are included in the other book, but still, as a Math package that is a great deal!!
    Anyway, Im off to read about Integration!!!
    Save me a cup of tea!
    (Im such an exclamation point junkie)

  2. I got an email too...did it mention when the Instruction Manual will be released? I was basically asked if I have the guides on CD, which I don't.

    Since I am using the math section from the old guide this block I am really excited to get the new materials. There are so many little things that I love, like verses to say as you learn to write a number. I keep hearing great things about the "Noble Knights of Knowldege" math and I have to still myself and wait for the Enki materials. I really do think that it will be more than enough.

    Which materials do you have? Are you missing something other than what isn't published? Or perhaps it is just really hard without the instruction guide (which I don't have either, but the old guide is a big help).

    Tea this morning is decaf Constant Comment. Unfortunately, I can't tolerate caffeine at all (well, a bit of dark chocolate is okay).

  3. LOL, I cant tolerate life without caffeine! Well, I wish I could, and during pregnancies I did without, but boy I was tired! It is yet another poor eating habit I have. Im trying though. :-) Unfortunately caffeine will have to come after processed sugar. I dont eat sweets, but I do use sugar in my coffee (organic, less processed) but still. I know it effects my energy levels.
    I have everything but the first grade fairy tales, only because the printer didnt send it, so they had to reorder it for me..... exhale.....

    I am in the mood to organize and get this summer rolling, but I want to have the instruction manual so Im not just redoing everything once it comes.

    Who knew patience would be the underlying lesson for parents using Enki. :-)

  4. Sugar is a problem for us as well. I can't seem to get enough calories into my boys without making snacks like muffins, which have sugar. Even if we use Rapadura, or honey, or maple syrup, it all affects the body as sugar. Same with refined flours, white rice, etc.

    Caffeine leaves me super wired and jittery. One cup of good tea in the morning can have me bouncing at bedtime. Since I struggle with insomnia it is better for to avoid caffeine, but I think the more you avoid it the more potent it becomes to your body.

    Fairy Tales...yep, you need those to plan. Are you taking the summer off and planning for fall? I sure hope you get them soon!