Tuesday, January 8, 2008

8 January 2008 Round Up

Drive: No

Spend: No

Meals out: No

Computer: Yes

I was really pleased with how we ate today, and how in general we are using what we have, stretching things, and cutting waste.

I emailed our beef supplier and she is going to have some beef and lamb bones for me. She is also going to lock in the lamb prices now since I am letting her know in advance that I want it next fall. Deciding now means she can plan on income, and we can save what we need to pay her.

Last night Papa did several rebates, including one that I thought I had missed when my mom died. Plus he filled out paperwork to get a $25 settlement for foreign exchange transaction fees, and figured out how to save $75 on our property taxes. He is really good at this: last night he combined errands and went to the store that had the best price on the anti-virus and tax software we needed.

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