Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Week 3 Round Up

The indoor drying rack system has been hung. We are now taking advantage of some underutilized indoor space and able to dry indoors easily (although not quickly).

The treadle sewing machine is in working order. The treadle belt has been replaced, the bobbins wound, and the machine threaded. I get the feeling that there is a steeper learning curve than with machine sewing, but I'm glad to know that I have a human-powered option.

We added compost to the garden beds in preparation for planting next month. We timed it so that the rain would hit soon after working in the compost.

We had people over for dinner twice this week, and used what we had both times. This is a big change from thinking that people have to have things a certain way, or that we must serve beverages and wine. It can be difficult to get past the idea that you should serve baked potatoes with steak. It can be harder still to serve guests unfamiliar grains and unusual vegetables. But it worked.

The first night we had tacos; the only difference was that we fried them. The meat was from the freezer. They were topped with local cheese and lettuce, and I had made the beans from scratch (beans purchased in bulk). The tortillas were made locally, with non-local grain. My dad had a leftover Dr. Pepper from T-Guy's birthday, and we had water. Dessert was ice cream leftover from the simple birthday party.

The second night we had steak (from our grassfed side of beef), served with quinoa (bulk grain) and sauteed chard (from our CSA box). Papa and Abuela had the Two Buck Chuck Papa buys for himself, and the rest of us had sparkling juices leftover from Thanksgiving. Dessert was homemade tapioca pudding, made because I had milk at the edge of expiration and plenty of local eggs. We served coffee because we had it leftover from Thanksgiving and I am trying to serve it rather than throw it away. Papa's sister brought us chocolate from her trip to Belgium, and Abuela brought us two mangoes (she had purchased a large quantity of them at a big box store). The mangoes will be quite a treat when they are ready.

Breakfast Meals Eaten at Home: 7/7

Lunch Meals Eaten at Home: 6/7

Dinner Meals Eaten at Home: 7/7

Snacks Eaten at Home: All

No Drive Days: 2/7

No Computer Days: 1/7 (although overall computer usage is down)

No Spend Days: 2/7

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