Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What? No New Year's Post?


Yesterday was a no computer day. In our project to reduce our carbon output we have identified four different types of days we can have. They are:

No drive days
No spend days
No computer days
No meals out days (which means nothing, not even a snack or beverage)

Yesterday we did drive and spend. One of our local thrift stores has everything 50% off on holidays, and clothing 10 items for $10 on the first. The boys bought a complete Scrabble for Children for 95 cents. We came home with 18 items of clothing (something for everyone) and a batting helmet.

For several days now we have been downsizing our stuff and rearranging our rooms. Our goals is to have fewer things to store and take care, to have more space, and to better use the space we have. It is a huge undertaking and the house is pretty much in shambles right now. It's fine though ~ we can see the end result in our minds.

Trying to want what we have and to be happy where we are has been hard. We want to live someplace more sustainable. We want better systems for the stuff we do have. We want furniture that is meant to be lived with, not looked at. But for now, this is what we have. So we are getting creative with it physically, and we are rearranging our minds to stay positive about our choices.

Today is not a no computer day. I'm starting with two a week and we'll go from there. Sundays and Tuesdays for now. But I have learned to turn off the computer for long periods of time even on computer days. I have a hard switch to hit to kill the power. I keep the speakers and printer off at all times unless needed.

We installed a timer in the bedroom where we charge our phones. They charge for an hour and then the timer switches to a hard off. We're doing the living room this week, and also the microwave.

Sorry for the disjointed post. I'll try to stick to topics from now on.

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