Monday, January 7, 2008

Doing the Math for 2007

So, these are the numbers I have so far. They are based on all of 2007, even though the R4A started in June.

Transportation Fuel: 25% of average, which is better than I thought! I thought that the hospital trips and trips when my grandfather died would mess us up, but we traveled far less as a whole.

Electricity: 53% of average. I'm disappointed by this, but working to reduce it. I think we've gone up because we actually use our oven (electric oven, gas burners) now.

Natural Gas: 52% of average, which isn't bad considering that we didn't really start trying until June and I have Raynaud's Disease, which causes me a great deal of pain if I am cold. There are obvious weather-related patterns: my lowest usage in summer was 11 therms, my highest was 100 therms in winter.

Garbage: I estimate that we are at about 25% of average. I'm trying to weigh it when I take it out.

Water: 100% of average, but I haven't split out irrigation and that includes months where we had leaky faucets, broken sprinklers, and no awareness or attempt to save water. Breaking out the irrigation of food crops and shade trees would lower our number.

Consumer Goods: 25% of average. It's actually much better now, but I was using the year.

Food: I can only go on what we are doing at present, which is very close to R4A goals.

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