Thursday, January 3, 2008

Local Food

Tonight we walked to the farmers market on the hopes that we might find eggs. The local flock that we usually get eggs have been going through their molt and eggs were scarce and then non-existent, so we skipped the market for a month and went to the one where we pick up our CSA box instead.

Well, not only did we get the last 2 dozen eggs (!), but we found local tomatoes as well. Early girls, but red and ripe, unlike ours. The grower doesn't hot house them either, but he obviously doesn't ignore his plants the way we have been. Still it gives us hope. Several people in our area have now reported growing tomatoes year round. Perhaps California really is a season.

There were other local, organically grown foods as well: citrus, avocados, persimmons, pomegranates, and winter squash. The non-organic food had greater variety. We stuck to tomatoes and eggs since we pick up our next CSA box on Sunday.

I can't say how pleased I am to know that the hens are laying again! Returning to our source of local eggs is important to us. I am also glad to have found local cheese. I there was a dairy making raw milk Gouda within 50 miles, but hadn't thought it worth it to drive to them. Now they are at the new farmers market we attend on Sundays.

We're striking out allergy-wise with citrus, so we need to head to the hills and get more local apples before they are gone! It is cold enough now that we should be able to store them longer out in the garage.

Learning to eat locally and seasonally is one of our big goals this year. We've made strides over the past year, but this year we really ramped up our commitment. Soon we'll get the garden going, and then the produce will be very local.

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