Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snapshot: 17 January 2008

I found a belt for my new-to-me treadle sewing machine, locally.

We had leftovers for lunch, happily. The boys had leftovers from our taco night Wednesday, and Papa and I ate leftover pot roast (more thin gravy than beef) over local squash I had roasted Tuesday. There was still plenty of gravy left after we ate, so I used it to moisten the Girl Dog's food. We're low on leftovers and she had to eat kibble today.

We almost ate dinner out (or at least discussed the idea), but combated that demon and made do with what we had at home.

My brown Chico bag fell off my purse at the farmers market. The good news is, we found it when we retraced our steps on the way home. It was about 30 minutes later, so we got lucky.

The market had Cara Cara oranges, which made Papa happy.

I returned a Christmas gift that didn't fit. Cotton sweaters, and they would have been useful, but alas, the store did not have anything smaller than a large. I used the credit to buy pajama pants for the boys, on clearance. J-Baby has cut or broken through the knees on three pairs of pajama pants and I hadn't been able to find anything at the thrift store. I almost bought myself slippers since mine fell apart in the wash, but put them back so that I wouldn't go over the credit. They weren't what I really want anyway, and I can make do with socks and my old Birkenstock clogs.

I found out that I can hang quite a bit of clothing on my small thrift store drying rack if I use clothespins instead of draping things over the dowels.

At Target, we looked at the Hello Kitty sewing machine that was on clearance. They were actually out-of-stock. J-Baby said, "They just put Hello Kitty on it to make you want to buy it. It doesn't do anything different than a regular sewing machine does." Wow, they really are listening, and he was right.

(Hello Kitty is my personal character downfall, a vestige from the days of my youth. Truthfully, I think I have a total of two Hello Kitty items, but I do adore her.)

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