Friday, October 13, 2006


After 1 week of challenging gluten, it appears the J-Baby is definitely gluten intolerant. We don't know if it is celiac or not. We're still in the middle of IgE scratch testing, which J-Baby finds very invasive (sensory issues)...I think working with a gastroenterologist and nutritionist would be a good idea, but I don't want J-Baby's life to become a round of doctor and lab visits.

I'm glad we homeschool! I can't imagine sending him to public/private school with his food allergies . So far we know he reacts to:

stone fruit
green beans
black pepper

He may or may not react to dairy; he has never had enough for us to know. Since T-Guy is allergic to dairy it is best to just keep it out of the house. Soy and gluten often cross react with casein anyway.

T-Guy and I are also food allergic. Unfortunately for T-Guy and Papa, I think we need to take the kitchen/house gluten free. It is too hard to have separate containers of Earth Balance, separate toasters, etc.

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