Monday, October 23, 2006

Sunday Supper

For a couple of months now I've been trying to implement a Sunday Supper. Growing up we usually had Hamburger Helper, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (Deluxe!), TV dinners, hot dogs, frozen pot pies, etc. for dinner, so making something more expensive and homemade on Sunday was a big treat. We'd have a beef roast, fried pork chops, glazed chicken, tacos or burritos, etc. It was always something that took more preparation time and of course the meat was more expensive. It also usually meant that I didn't have to cook dinner, which is a plus when you are 10 years old.

Last night we had:

Alaskan Halibut (caught by our neighbor)
Baked potatoes
Sauted zucchini
Oven-roasted cremini mushrooms
Apple Crisp (from scratch!)

Papa really liked that we had dessert, and suggested that the weekly Sunday supper might keep us on track with out healthy eating the rest of the week. I didn't see anything particularly unhealthy in last night's supper, but I understand what he means. I think he was talking more about planning for the meal, working on it together, and enjoying the fact that it is so much better than eating out.

Before we had children we often made elaborate, gourmet vegetarian meals on the weekends. It's easier when you have time, and when you don't have a 6YO complaining about spinach, walnuts, and feta cheese wrapped in filo dough.

The big hitch in the Sunday supper plan is actually staying home on Sundays so we can make the meal. We run around a lot! I'd like to institute a plan to stay home on Sundays, saving our fun activities and/or errands for Saturdays.

My kind of Sunday goes like this:

Wake up early, snuggle for a few minutes
Pack picnic breakfast
Ride bikes to the park
Have picnic, then boys play while Papa and I sip tea
Ride home
Read the newspaper
Spend some time reading or doing handwork
BMX Racing (cool months only)
Come home and make supper
Sunday Supper!
Play games
Bedtime for boys

My goal is to have this one relaxed day a week. I put BMX in there because the adult idea of a relaxing day around here usually translates to a "boring" day for the kids. Also, we'd like to race twice a week without having to race two evenings.

Next Sunday? I'm thinking of a macadamia and parsley encrusted wild salmon, with mashed root vegetables, a green veggie, a gourmet salad, and for dessert, an apple pie (if I can perfect gluten free vegan pie crust by then).

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