Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Apron Craze!

I've noticed over the past decade that aprons have become hot, hot, hot! It makes me laugh, because I was wearing a full-skirted half-apron to do dishes back when I was 16! Sadly, that vintage apron has been lost, but I do have a cheery red-checked half-apron that my mother decorated at an in-home party! What an interesting concept. I see a lot of similar aprons on eBay and I wonder if they too were decorated at parties.

In reality, I prefer a full apron, and my daily apron is a no-nonsense bib apron in a heavy leaf-printed twill. I have another full apron made from a vintage pattern with retro design fabrics, but I feel kind of silly when I wear it.

I wear my apron a lot! I wear it when I am cooking, which is everyday, and also when I clean. My neighbors are used to seeing me out in my apron. In the mornings I even wear my apron over my jammies (which is definitely not something a 1950's housewife would do).

Many years ago I ordered some the apron vests that you see advertised in the back of women's magazines. The concept is great, but the ones I ordered were made of a really thin cotton/poly that wrinkled no matter what. Well, it isn't very likely that I am going to iron my apron, so out they went! I guess I shouldn't say never...I'm thinking of giving the gingham a quick pressing.

I also have a clothespin apron. It was made by a friend at AmityMama.

Speaking of aprons, has anyone read Ma Dear's Aprons? We just love it! We're lucky enough to have a hardcover copy.


  1. Oh! I love aprons although half aprons are a bit silly. Anything I spill gets caught by my breasts, so a full and generous apron is the way to go for me.

  2. The day I wrote this I ordered an adorable smocked yellow gingham apron for my kitchen, and the next day I found a vintage bib apron at the thrift store for 99 cents!