Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Magic Lunch

This morning I did a quick clean out of the refrigerator, in preparation for ordering this week's box of produce. I thought that the sliced mushrooms I bought about 10 days ago would be history, but they were fine, as was the little bit of leftover baby bok choy from 10/4. So, I decided to make a frittata to go with our lunch salad, using the mushrooms, the bok choy, and the large shallot head I received 10/4 as well. I made the frittata in our small Le Creuset skillet, using 5 eggs.

It turned out so good! So far our favorite frittatas have been the ones made with some sort of mushrooms and cooking greens. I was especially happy to use food that I thought would have to be tossed.

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