Friday, October 27, 2006

The Fishmonger

Today we decided to buy fish from our local fishmonger. We've resisted for years, because the fish is so much more expensive than buying it frozen at places like Costco, Smart and Final, and Trader Joes. However, today we went for lunch and they had lingcod. Lingcod takes us back to our trip to Oregon, where we bought amazingly fresh local fish each night to cook for dinner, including lingcod one night.

Our fishmonger doesn't catch the fish himself, but he does head out to the fish markets each morning at dawn to get the day's freshest catch. He only sells fresh fish, not previously defrosted frozen fish masking as "fresh" fish.

It is a local trip, easily walked or biked. We were on foot and they sent us home with a Ziploc of ice to keep the fish cold for the 20 minute walk.

Lately I've decided that fabulously fresh food is worth the price. I'd rather cut back other places. And if you figure that after our trip to the bike store this evening (my trailer arrived!) we probably would have gone out to dinner but instead came home to have our super fresh fish, well, we saved money, because I can guarantee you that faced with leftovers or pasta we would have gone out.

We had it for dinner, and it was good!

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