Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another Week, Another Box

Wow, FedEx must have been out bright and early this morning. Our box arrived before 9 a.m.

We ordered a family box again this week. I had wanted to alternate with the gourmet box, but decided to play it safe while I am getting back into the groove of cooking every night.

The box contained:

2 Fuji apples
2 oranges
1 red Bartlett pear
1 D'anjou pear
4 lovely bananas
7 large plums
1 lemon
1 large Haas avocado
2 large brown onions
1 small head garlic
1 head Romaine (not baby, not huge)
1 head red oak lettuce
1 large bag mesclun
2 pounds green beans
2 pounds zucchini
2-3 pounds cooking potatoes
1 pound broccoli
1 bunch carrots (no tops)
1 bunch baby green onions (the thinnest I have ever seen, but definitely not chives)
1 small bunch parsley
6 medium tomatoes
1 English cucumber
1 pound cremini mushrooms

So, no grapes, and no cauliflower. I'm not very disappointed about the cauliflower, as lately I get a bad stomach ache every time I eat it.

We are overflowing with carrots! I either need to juice some of them, make carrot soup, or find some new and delicious way to make them so the boys will gobble them down. I'm thinking that this week I'll mash them with some garnet yams. J-Baby might try them based on the texture.

I still have some zucchini and green beans from last week. I'm going to make zucchini bread/muffins for certain, plus use them as a side dish. I think I'll make Mollie Katzen's Cream of Fresh Green Bean Soup from The Enchanted Broccoli Forest (the old version), veganized and doctored up a little. I'd like to do it with my VitaMix, which is currently headed back home after a visit to the VitaMix hospital.

I'm thinking I will fill in with leeks, spinach, baking potatoes, more mushrooms, and perhaps another cooking green, plus lots more fruit). Tentative meals planned include:

Potato-leek soup with savory zucchini cornbread muffins
Halibut (neighbor brought from Alaska), baked potatoes, roasted mushrooms, sauted shredded zucchini (probably for our Sunday dinner...does anyone else still make a special meal on Sundays?)
Tilapia, quinoa, broccoli, cucumber salad
Bean tacos, cabbage salad
Pinto-quinoa loaf, mashed carrots, broccoli (broccoli being the only green vegetable J-Baby will eat at the moment...why does he have to be allergic to green beans?)
Indian potatoes and peas, rice, cucumber salad

We have a lot of parsley, so I am going to make some basic parsley pesto and freeze it in cubes to add to soups later.

I am bound and determined to take the boys up for apples this week, preferably Friday so we can do U-pick. We need enough for eating, plus applesauce. I'm also going to make applesauce muffins. The boys love making applesauce, but it is pretty expensive to make applesauce out of organic apple vs. just buying jarred organic applesauce. Of course, it is much, much more delicious made at home!

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