Monday, May 1, 2006

5/1/06 Daily Flow

Today has been incredibly busy for me!

Up at 6, working on financial stuff, checking email, prepping breakfast. Everyone else was up and at the table by 7. We followed our basic morning routine, following the walk with some "star crosses", spinning, and a couple of circle games.

Our morning lesson time was spent reading, and the final story was our fairy tale for the week. I had penciled in form drawing, but we need to walk the forms this week before we start drawing.

After snack they played and I cleaned the laundry room and did more financial planning. Then we did a quick tidying of their room and made lunch. Papa and I cleaned up and he helped me fold a load of laundry (I did laundry all day).

Quiet time - I should have rested. I really will at some point. My mind was just whirring. I made motel reservations, placed a story CD order, revised some Enki planning, read more Enki, etc.

Time to tidy up again - Boy #2 refused. I told him he would not do the craft if he didn't help clean. He cried, I told him I meant it, and he cleaned up the Legos. This is really hard for me, because he cries so easily and it feels like I am dangling out rewards, but he absolutely will not cooperate any other way. Modeling the behavior only means that I clean up; I know, because I've done it for years.

Snack, practice work, and our crafts, which was painting egg carton caterpillars. At least it had a spring theme. While they painted I started a soup for dinner. When they were done I cleaned up, prepped lots of veggies for snacks, finished the soup, prepped other dinner stuff, and cleaned the kitchen. I was wiped out!

Finished making dinner, the boys and Papa headed to BMX, and I cleaned the kitchen and put away the food. Then I swept and mopped the floor.

I fixed the boys their snack while they had a bath, and also sorted and soaked chickpeas and put on a pot of cornmeal mush for breakfast. I headed back for a quick shower while Papa read to them. Same routine to get them in bed.

We collapsed in front of the TV and watched "Big Love". After that I planned Tuesday and revised a few other things, and printed it all out so I could skip the computer Tuesday morning. I went back into the kitchen and got Boy #1's oatmeal ready to go. A little stretching and I was ready to sleep.

I think it is time to reread the section on teacher health. I can't go on at this pace, and yet I still don't accomplish all that I would like to. I'm not sure how other homeschoolers do it. Of course, I spend far more time cooking and baking than anyone else I know. We are committed to eating low on the food chain and gluten free, plus whole foods and lots of produce. It takes time to prep and cook those kinds of meals.

I'm not even really cleaning the house yet, just keeping it picked up and doing quick wipe downs in the kitchen and bathroom. I did the floor because it needed it and the boys weren't home.

I know it will all fall into place eventually, as the rhythm becomes second nature again.

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