Monday, May 22, 2006

5/23/06 Daily Plan

Okay, I revised this...I am not having a good day. My Enki stuff came, but not all of it. I was so upset and frustrated that I lost the rest of the morning.

I had a basic plan for the day, but we are expecting a refrigerator repair person, someone to haul away the old freezer, and the a/c service technician. So the main goal is our morning lesson, done at some point during the day.

Wake up, snuggle, and sing
Breakfast and clean up
Clothes and brush teeth

Free play
J-Baby (Boy #2) did pattern block work, and T-Guy played with Legos, so we're going to skip math practice.

Lunch and rest
Trader Joes for groceries now that the fridge is fixed (went alone)
Put away boys' toys

Recall "eep/eap" story
Town Board
Handwriting practice

Outdoor play
Dinner preparation
Settling-in time

Dinner and clean up

Bedtime routine (jammies, snack, story, brush teeth, candle, sing and snuggle)

Plan next day
Get ready for bed

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