Friday, May 26, 2006

Daily Flow 5/26/06

Today has been one of those days when it is much more about rhythm and much less about what time it is.

We slept in, but then our early morning routine went smoothly. We made the beds, but skipped the bathrooms as they get a thorough cleaning tomorrow.

After that we went our separate ways for awhile. It is unusual for my boys not to spend the morning playing together, but obviously they needed some time apart after such a long and busy day yesterday. They did reconnect after about an hour.

J-Baby has come and gone from the school room all day, working with the pattern blocks.

We recalled yesterday's word family story and read a new one today. I was glad that they finally caught on to the concept of the consonant "changing" the word ending (ight/ite) into a word, but wasn't prepared to manage them combining the consonants and word endings and making words that are either not words at all, or spelled incorrectly.

Lunch with Papa, and then quiet time. They played in their room after that, while I watched half of the Enki Movement DVD and went through the books. Then they had their popcorn snack and headed outside to play.

Papa came home early and started the movie while I finished making pizza for dinner. I also did all the dishes I could, and folded and put away laundry. After dinner they finished the movie and I worked on our plan for the weekend.

Then we went on a nice long family walk. It was longer than we planned, but Missy (the dog) sure enjoyed it! The boys told Papa all about word families and they were so excited that we had to keep reminding them to use quieter voices. Both boys were playing with the words, but I can tell that T-Guy has a better grasp on it at this point (after only one week). Now he has grand plans to write a book tomorrow.

Bedtime routine went off without a hitch, and now they are in bed talking.

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