Thursday, May 18, 2006

Daily Plan 5/18/06

So far we've:

Eaten breakfast, done the dishes, wiped the table and counters
Stripped the beds and started the load of sheets
Cleaned both bathrooms (counters, mirrors, toilets inside and out)

Today is our weekly homeshcooling park day. It is also the monthly birthday potluck. I've made a pot of quinoa and need to go make a cabbage salad. I need to fill the Igloo with water and ice, and load things into the truck. We made bubble juice last night, and we're taking the Hullabaloo game, a parachute, and sidewalk chalk.

Later this afternoon I have my consult with Beth at Enki. Although, she is in New Hampshire and I didn't receive a response to my email last night, so I am concerned about the rain and flooding. I'm nervous too, mostly feeling unprepared. It's been awhile since I read the first 2 books of the Guide, and I don't have resources yet.

Tonight we walk to the farmer's market, Trader Joes, and the grocery store. I need to look at the sale ads, look at my meal plan, and make a grocery list.


  1. Oh you SO have to let me know how your consult goes!!! I havent done mine yet either and Ive been a book owner for nearly a year. I just want to feel so prepared and want to make the most of the time, Im sure you know what I mean. I want to have like a solid list of questions. That hour flies by. Please let me know how it goes, she is very nice and easy to talk to, not intimidating but like a friend who just knows more than you do. LOL

  2. Thanks Maureen!

    Having used Oak Meadow, Christopherus, and Enki, I can tell you that for us Enki is head and shoulders about the others. And truly, if you are interested in holistic education, Oak Meadow isn't it. You would have to do so much tweaking and changing that you might as well use something like Enki, which takes some planning but has so much more.