Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The ConsoNant Town Board

Okay, I hope this works!

Our board is painted; I came up with the idea of paper houses because I have so much scrapbooking paper. Then I decided to sponge paint the backdrop using stamp pads I already had. I will be changing how the cards attach to the roofs; I didn't understand it very well until after I finished the first word family.


  1. It looks great!!! By the way there if a word family activity in the first grade movement guide. When do you expect to get yours. I ordered a bunch of stuff on April 29th and expect to hopefully get it this week. But we'll see. Anyway if you want I can send it to you since your starting that right now.

  2. I got my books today (K & 1 Movement, K & 1 Crafts, K & 1 Nature Stories, and Community and Festival Songs. However, Beth sent my Kindy Folk and Fairy Tales and the movement and song CDs and DVD separately, over 2 weeks ago, and they've yet to arrive. She is going to resend them.

    I hope you get your order soon! I ordered 5/7 and Beth called the printer 5/8. Actually, your order should have been called to the printer 5/1 (she calls early on Monday mornings), so I wonder what the hold up is. The printer seems to be having delays.

    Do you check your MSN mail? I sent you an email there.

    I just checked out the Word Family game - it looks like a co-op game and difficult to do with 2 children. But it could be adapted for use with the Town Board. You should make one if you think your 7YO would benefit. If you are interested I am going to have plenty of coin envelopes left over and I could send you some (and I can explain how I am using them). Sponging the board took less than 20 minutes and the houses went together really quickly as well.

    I so wish we had enough people around here to do an Enki co-op. There is one mama in my homeschool group who just ordered Enki for her kindergartener (5 in October), so we can do some stuff together but academically what I am doing is not developmentally appropriate for her son.

    I know a few mamas who would love a co-op, but they wouldn't be working with Enki at home. I would have to do the planning by myself and right now I don't think that is the best use of my time.

    Around here the big topic in homeschooling is "Thomas Jefferson Education". It's a variation on classical homeschooling.

  3. I hope you enjoy the blog. Enki is great and I only wish I had bought it when my oldest was 4!