Thursday, May 18, 2006

5/19/06 Plan (UPDATED Friday)

My main goal for the day is to pick things up, put the school room back in order (I have so many new supplies to put away), and get us back on track for next week. We also need to figure out how to manage without a fridge through Tuesday.

I'm going to spend a little less time on the computer (it's amazing how that creeps in during our "relaxed" weeks) so I can read more.

Morning snuggles and songs
Breakfast and clean up
Everyone get dressed and brush teeth
Clean bathrooms (I'm going to make this a "Swish and Swipe" and not be as thorough as I usually am...we'll do a better job tomorrow.)
Laundry - darks and lights
(We aren't going to walk this morning...we're having a very lazy day and will pick up this part of the rhythm Monday)
Read aloud (usually main lesson time)

Lunch and clean up
Quiet/rest time

(Do you ever wonder what people do while they are typing blogs? I just stopped to wash two very dirty hands and apply a bandage to a bleeding finger, plus admonished the injured child to stay out of the dirt pile while he has an open wound.)

Math practice time with Cuisenaire rods
Handwriting practice (with new pencils!)
Draw on chalkboards ("temper" them first)
Make dinner
Family movie night
Bedtime routine

Plan weekend

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