Sunday, May 7, 2006


I paid for/ordered my Enki materials Sunday. It was very important to me to do this, now that I have started reading the guides. I was in a unique position of having received materials and a refund during the Enki growing pains. Once I started reading and using the materials I knew there was no way I could ethically not pay for the materials I had received, and in fact I was hungering for the resource materials.

I do hope that others who have materials they didn't pay for will also have this revelation. It is important for the integrity of the user as well as the future of Enki Education.

So, I am excited! I already have:

Foundation Guides
Early Childhood Guide
Grade One Guide
Grade One Fairy Tales

I ordered:

Kindergarten Nature Stories
Grade One Crafts
Kindergarten Crafts
Learning Through Movement – Grade One
Learning Through Movement – K
Community & Festival Songs
Kindergarten Folk and Fairy Tales

I will get Grade 1 Math and the Grade 1 Instruction Manual when they are published. So I will be complete for Kindergarten and grade 1. I'm really only teaching grade 1, but I want to know what the foundation was for kindergarten, and of course many of the materials can be used over several years. Right now we have no plans to have additional children, but just in case I thought I would order the Kindergarten Folk and Fairy tales so I will have a complete kindergarten package should I find myself teaching kindy again.

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