Friday, May 5, 2006

5/5/06 Daily Flow

Happy Cinco de Mayo - but we'll be having pizza as Boy #2 falls apart if we deviate from the Friday routine.

I woke early to close out an eBay auction, then decided against it. We want a bike trailer for hauling groceries, but we don't need it quite yet and I'm starting to think that a dedicated hauler will be better than trying to use a child trailer.

Our morning routine started a bit late, both because of my computer activity and because Boy #2 was wet again (not a problem, it just takes time to clean up).

Here's where we fell off the horse: we didn't walk this morning. I just didn't want to. We walk Thursday nights and I was still tired and well, I needed some down time and I hadn't gotten it while tracking the auction and researching trailers this morning. The boys played, we had a snack, and then we did our morning lesson.

Today it was recall story, write verse, decorate page. Boy #2 was resistant again. Everything is a power struggle with him, even when I don't want it to be and have been working hard to eliminate the power struggles. After that we read Johnny Appleseed (Friday nature story, but it will be several weeks until I get materials from Enki so we are winging it).

They played, I decluttered the master bathroom and looked online for Ferby pencils. We made and ate lunch, even though Papa was late. He got home right as quiet time started, but they are so into quiet time that they just said hello and chose not to delay by 15 minutes, which I did offer.

During quiet time I made tangrams out of heavy cardstock. We'll want wooden ones eventually, but these will do for now.

After quiet time they cleaned their room and had a snack. I put on pizza dough. We played with the tangrams and did handwriting practice. Then they started their project, which was using poster painters and Do-a-Dot markers to decorate heavy cardstock for Mother's Day cards. I have better ideas for crafts and projects, but I am really tired and have to prioritize everything. Right now the daily rhythm is far more important than which craft we do.

I paid bills, updated Quicken, and filed all my paperwork. That took some time. The boys played outside for the most part.

I made dinner; each boy helped put the olives on his individual pizza. They cleaned their room in preparation for movie night. They really look forward to movie night each week, and this week chose to watch "Chicken Run".

We had dinner and quickly cleaned up, then watched the movie. I read the paper and looked at some cookbooks at the same time. For the last 20 minutes of the movie I left them and finished getting some mail ready, including writing out a thank you card for my mother-in-law.

We had just enough time to walk to the post office without pushing the schedule back too far. The dog was pretty excited to get out. Once we got back the evening routine went as usual, although they took a bit longer than usual to settle down.

I boiled eggs for Boy#2, and did all of the paperwork and copying for our FSA/125b reimbursement. I had been putting it off and in the end it took about 45 minutes. Now I need to plan the weekend, and get some sleep!

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