Wednesday, May 31, 2006

When a Lesson Goes Well...

We started number qualities today. Now this is a block we did using Oak Meadow Kindergarten (an older version) in the first half of 2005, and repeated half-heartedly last fall (I was struggling with illness). But after reading the Enki material I felt that we really hadn't explored number qualities in full, and that I would rather do it again and really ground the boys in the concepts rather than just move on and hope it would all make sense.

I read The Snake Prince to them yesterday, and this afternoon we did standard recall, a drawing, and a tiny bit of writing ("1, One Sun"), plus we drew a "1" on the opposite page. They really loved the little verse that goes with writing the number "1":

Up the mountain
Jump straight down
Run across along the ground

Getting the school room back in order made such a difference in our learning time. I had never really recovered from making the Town Board a couple of weeks ago. Now everything is neat, attractive, and easy to find.


  1. Hooray! Isnt that the best feeling?? Good for you on going back and firming that up with them. Also congrats on a smooth running. Its those little bits of joy that fuel us.

    I am focussing on getting the house organized. I realize that I just cant function within chaos. So working on our office is a huge priority right now. It fell victim to the whole garage cleaning thing. I agree it is easier and much more fluid to be working in a space that supports your rather than drains you!!!

  2. Are these stories and verses in the Enki one lessons guide?

  3. We have been decluttering the house for over a year now, and each layer that goes makes keeping things nice so much easier. We've been deep cleaning for a little over a month, so the house is really in good shape, with just a few rooms needing the royal treatment and then we can just maintain.

    I can't function in chaos either. I've never been able to.

    Oh yeah, the number verse is in the old grade 1 guide, but should surely be in the new book when it is released. The fairy tale is from Enki Fairy Tales Grade 1. The guide suggested several stories and I just skimmed them and chose what I thought would work for my boys. For instance, today we read "Two Brothers", which they can relate to. It also had several elements that are similar to an Arabian tale they've been listening to.

  4. I see, that is the book that the printer left off my order. So I am back in the waiting game on that one. :-(

    Im excited to get GD rolling on this. He will enjoy it all so much!

  5. You know, I had the fairy tales book for 8 months before I was even ready to give it more than a cursory glance.

    Hopefully you will have yours soon.